Paul Henderson

Designer & Developer


and thank you for Checking out my website. My name is Paul Henderson, I am 34 years old, currently living in Detroit. I attended the Univeristy of Michigan and graduated with a degree in design. Design isn't just a career, it's a passion and a way of life for me. When I have free time you can catch me traveling the world hanging out with other creatives and technologly enthusists, going to museums and drawing everything I see.

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is one of functional aestheticism. Beauty, functionality, and a pleasant user experience should all be present in any finished design product, especially concerning a web page. This idea, combinited with an iterative approach, and an understanding that that each project will necessitate a diverse and unique set of solutions, has taken me far in the design world. Tapping me for a job or a project means working with a designer that understands and respects the design schools of the past, but that needs of todays design are evoloving to meet our rapidly appraoching future. I beieve that design goals should be testable, measureable, and understandable to insure the design contributes to the over all project. I built this portfolio website from scratch using the design principles above, and if you've read this far I think that's a good indication that we would work well together, I'd love to hear from you.

Contact Information

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